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Residential Landscape Services

JFK Lawn & Landscape specializes in landscape installation, planting, and maintenance of residential landscapes in Montgomery County, Carroll County, and Howard County. By carefully observing the balance between landscape and the natural character of the property, our team of dedicated horticultural professionals ensures that your garden receives the dependable, reliable and consistent care necessary to attain its fullest beauty.


You have the design, and now you need a home landscape contractor to make your landscape come to life! JFK Lawn and Landscape offers a complete and truly diverse landscape services. We utilize impeccable pre-project planning, quality materials, and attention to detail from start to finish to create the perfect outdoor living space for our clients.

Plant Maintenance

JFK Lawn & Landscape’s experienced landscape technicians know how to care for the type of plants that thrive in this region. You can be relieved that your investment is monitored professionally and that your plants will continue to look healthy year-round.


Well-executed planting starts with appropriate property evaluation, design, and plant selection. Land conditions and maintenance capacity dictate suitable plant selections. Then, correct planting methods must be done to ensure plant establishment and ability to thrive.


Mulching offers many great benefits for your property. Quality mulch prevents soil erosion and improves soil conditions while helping to maintain moisture around plants and reducing the growth of weeds in your landscaping. It is important to select the right mulch materials and use proper mulching techniques to reap the full benefits of mulch. Certain mulches can be used to improve the pH level of the soil to meet the needs of specific plants. Additionally, the variety of color options offered by mulch offers unique visual appeal.


JFK Lawn & Landscaping provides a variety of weeding services to help our customers maintain beautiful, healthy flower beds and lawns. We are experts at weeding home and commercial flower beds, lawns, and mulch beds.

Leaf Removal

An overabundance of leaves can suffocate the plants in your landscape beds and destroy your landscape design’s aesthetic appeal. The seasonal leaf removal included in our landscape maintenance services will protect and maintain your landscape’s beauty throughout the whole year.

JFK Lawn & Landscape is the premier home landscape contractor throughout Maryland, including Columbia, Jessup, Fulton, Sykesville, Glenwood, Glenelg, Elkridge, Clarksville, Highland, Marriottsville, West Friendship, Woodbine, Woodstock, Ellicott City, and Dayton. Our landscape experts work with every client to ensure they are fully satisfied with their residential landscape services.