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Gutter Cleaning

JFK Lawn & Landscape’s gutter cleaning services can help prevent thousands of dollars in damages to your property. We offer thorough gutter cleaning for residential and commercial properties throughout Carroll County, Howard County, and Montgomery County, including Fulton, Elkridge, Columbia, Clarksville, Highland, Marriottsville, West Friendship, Woodbine, Woodstock, Dayton, Ellicott City, Glenelg, Sykesville, Glenwood, and Jessup. Our gutter cleaning package includes debris removal from roofs, gutters, and downspouts.

Cleaning your gutters is essential for the maintenance and protection of your property. Keeping the gutters free of debris also protects the foundation of your property. There are many benefits of a clean gutter system, but primarily it allows efficient and proper rain drainage from the roof. Gutters prevent rain from pounding onto the windows, doors, sidewalk, and porch. Improper water drainage can also lead to a leaky basement and unsafe walkways.

We recommend cleaning your gutters and flushing out your downspouts twice a year since rain water, leaves, twigs, and other debris can clog your gutters and eventually become a breeding place for mosquitoes, wasps, and termites. Cleaning them in the fall will remove the seasonal leaves and tree debris, and an additional cleaning in the spring will remove the helicopters and tree buds.

Using ladders and walking on roofs can be very dangerous if you are experienced or properly equipped. Having JFK Lawn & Landscape perform your gutter and downspout cleaning service on a consistent basis will reduce the likelihood of water damage to your property as well as potential runoff damage to your landscape. Don’t be left with high repair bills or collapsing gutters. We remove all debris by hand and remove the debris from your property. We verify that your downspouts are working properly and free from any clogs. If necessary, we will flush your downspouts with water. JFK Lawn & Landscape is an established business and we always provide individual attention and personalized service to ensure your complete satisfaction.