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Commercial Turf Enhancement

A lush, thick green lawn offers a vibrant welcome for your customers and is one of the most valued assets a commercial property can have. Regular commercial turf enhancement treatments will keep your landscape green and inviting.

JFK Lawn & Landscape is a full-service lawn care company that offers professional lawn care services throughout Howard County, Carroll County and Montgomery County, including Fulton, Columbia, Jessup, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Highland, West Friendship, Dayton, Savage, Jessup, Elkridge, Laurel, and Sykesville. Our lawn care experts work with local business owners from start to finish to provide the effective commercial turf enhancement services.


Most lawns will begin to thin out and lose vibrancy over time. This can be caused by a variety of reasons such as thatch build-up, dense or compacted soils, or periods of extreme weather. By reducing thatch and loosening up compacted soils so water and nutrients can reach the roots of your turf, routine lawn aeration will improve your soil and restore and maintain the health and beauty of your lawn. The ideal time of year to conduct lawn aerations is the fall and is followed by seeding to thicken turf density and help fill in bare areas.


Overseeding is a critical step that can noticeably improve the quality of your turf. Overseeding is done by properly spreading the correct type of grass seed over an existing lawn. Grass roots continually produce new blades as old ones die around every six weeks. Over time, blade reproduction slows and they are weaker that grass from newer roots, causing your overall lawn to fade and thin out. Overseeding annually in the late summer or early fall will help your lawn to properly establish new grass and maintain a thick, vibrantly green landscape.

Sod Installation

If you need to establish your business’s landscape quickly, nothing beats the instant gratification of sod. Growing a new lawn from seed will take 14 to 18 months. Hiring the sod professionals at JFK Lawn & Landscape to expertly lay quality sod will ensure that in just a few weeks your business will have a lush, well-established turf that is naturally resistant to weeds, diseases, and pests.

New Lawn Seeding

If you are interested in starting from scratch, JFK Lawn and Landscape’s commercial grass seeding services can help you achieve a professional turf that will impress your clients. Our lawn care professionals will perform a soil analysis of your property, select the best seed for your conditions, and develop a comprehensive lawn care maintenance plan customized for your business’s needs.

JFK Lawn and Landscape is a full-service commercial lawn care company that delivers on our promises to ensure you are completely satisfied with your commercial landscape. Owner Jason Kahler is a Howard County native dedicated to providing individual attention and superior service to ensure your complete satisfaction.