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Dangers of DIY Power Washing

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Power washing may look simple, but there are some dangers to doing it yourself.

Summertime means being outside and inviting over friends and family to sit in the shade, drink, eat and be merry. But if it’s been a season (or two) since the last time you really paid attention to your deck and house’s siding, you may be surprised by just how much dirt and grime has built up. If this sounds familiar it may be time to get down to the deep cleaning it needs, or calling in the pros for some help.


Once the heavy rain and pollen Spring season is over, your siding can be left covered in algae and grime. You could spend hours scrubbing every inch of your siding by hand, or go the power washing route. For most people, this means going to the hardware store and renting a power washer, and then picking up a cleaning solution. If you aren’t familiar with a power washer, the number one thing to remember is that it got its name for a reason. First time power washer users have been known to blast a hole in their siding by standing too close to their home and pointing the nozzle straight on. A better idea is to take a step back and wash the siding at an angle. Even then, you run the risk of water getting behind the slates and creating wood rot.


Just like with siding, being aware of just how strong a power washer can be is key. Using too much pressure on even a fairly new deck can cause the wood to splinter. If you have a deck made from composite decking boards there is a smaller chance of damaging it. However, a deck that’s seen a few seasons will be more susceptible to the power of a power washer. Since power washers are so powerful, there’s a real chance you can damage the surface you’re trying to clean if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing.

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