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Tips for How to Winter-Proof Trees

how to winter-proof trees

While it hasn’t been the snowiest season, winter can still damage your trees if you don’t take care of them.

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun pointed out that Maryland may be in line for the lowest total snowfall in the last two decades. Whether or not that proves to be true depends on how February plays out, and if history is any guide we could be in for some precipitation before winter is out the door. Even though it’s on the tail end of the winter season, February is when Maryland typically sees the most snowfall. If you haven’t prepared your larger plants for winter yet, here are a few tips to help them make it through the, historically speaking, snowy season in Maryland.


Adding mulch around the base of trees can help deliver nutrients during a time when trees don’t get much. Trees in nature benefit from the leaves and branches that fall from the other trees around it during the winter. All of that debris contains nutrients trees need to thrive through the cold months, and it helps trap moisture that roots need to grow.


Getting rid of any dead or dying branches in your trees will eliminate the chance of snow or ice building up and bringing down healthy branches when the dead ones inevitably fall under the additional weight. This goes double for any trees close to your house or any other buildings on your property. Branch removal isn’t always simply or easy, so if it looks like too big of a task call in the professionals. They’ll have the right tools and experience to do the job effectively and safely.

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