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Tips for Getting Your Plants Ready for Spring

lawn care tips

Pruning your plants will help promote new growth during the most important growing season.

Right when we thought spring was here to stay, winter storm Stella comes and reminds us that the weather in the Maryland never follows any rules. When you’re done shoveling and are inside warming up with a nice hot drink, take a second to dream of spring and keep these lawn care tips in mind. 

  1. Clean Up

Underneath all that snow is a heap of dead leaves, branches and who knows what else. The first thing to do is clear all of that lawn debris so you have a nice clean start. All of that semi-decomposed debris will block plants and grass from getting the oxygen and sunlight they need to kick-start growth. Don’t just throw out all that debris, though. If you’re already an avid composter or just looking to get started, the leaves and sticks that have been sitting and decomposing all winter are perfect for composting.

  1. Start Weeding Early

Weeds are notorious for growing anywhere and everywhere, so getting a jump start on keeping them out of your flowerbeds is an important first step. As soon as soil thaws, get to work cultivating in areas you commonly see weeds. This will make it harder for weeds to take root. Any weed you see pop up grab it. Weeds will only get stronger as the growing season continues.

  1. Check on Perennials

Now is an important time of year for perennials. Since they live for multiple years, perennials need a strong growing season to ensure they last as long as they should. Pruning is a good thing to do this time of year. Plants and grasses need to be cut back before new growth appears to promote that growth.

  1. Ready Your Equipment

A lot of lawn maintenance and care depends on the tools we use being in working condition. As the saying goes, “Tools don’t make the job easier, they make the job possible.” Check your shed and make sure everything that needs to be repaired or replaced is before you head out to tend to your lawn and realize the tool you need is broken or missing.

JFK Lawn and Landscape Provides Professional Lawn Maintenance Services

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